Norcross Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyers

We at Zimmerman & Associates take special care in juvenile cases including those 16 and under and young adults.  Well, perhaps it not so much the juvenile cases as it is young people and teenagers themselves.  Barry Zimmerman just seems to have developed a niche in representing these young folks, particularly in MIPs, DUIs, possession of marijuana, and traffic offenses where a license is at stake.  He also gives educational talks to them at high schools, youth groups, and other social and charitable organizations.  Perhaps it was his knowing so many young people through his now twenty (20) and twenty-three (23) year old "kids." In any event, Zimmerman and Associates takes a special interest in representing juveniles.

License Reinstatement

On at least forty (40) occasions where young people under the age of twenty-one have lost their licenses due to various driving offenses, including excessive speeding, we have been successful in having their licenses reinstated.

Another Successful Case

A teen struck and killed a woman stranded on the side of the road, and injured a police officer assisting her.  We were able to resolve the case with no jail time for our client.

MIPs, DUIs, and Possession of Marijuana

Countless MIPs, DUIs, and possession of marijuana cases have been dismissed or reduced.

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The case summaries on this site are actual summaries of cases Zimmerman & Associates has successfully handled. In order to maintain the confidentiality of our clients, all references to identifying information has been omitted.  Furthermore, these outcomes, while real, cannot be relied upon as either typical or guaranteed outcomes.