Back and Neck Injuries

When a car accident leaves you suffering back and neck injuries, our Gwinnett County personal injury attorneys help you get the compensation you need to recover.

Car accidents often happen in the course of your normal daily activities. You could be driving to or from work, running errands, or meeting friends for an evening out when an unexpected crash occurs. At Zimmerman & Associates, our Gwinnett County personal injury attorneys help you get the compensation you need to recover in these situations. Among the most common types of injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions are those impacting the back or neck.

Protecting Your Rights When Back and Neck Injuries Happen

Back and neck injuries can happen as a result of a variety of different types of accidents Johns Hopkins Medicine advises that any sudden bump, blow, or jolt, such as is common in motor vehicle collisions, can wreak havoc to the back and neck region. Unfortunately, these types of injuries can have significant impacts on your health now, while also causing chronic pain, weakness, and long-term disabilities in the future. 

At Zimmerman & Associates, we protect the rights of victims in this situation, helping them to get the compensation they need to recover. As experienced Gwinnett County personal injury attorneys, we provide trusted, professional legal representation for clients who have suffered the following types of back and neck injuries:

Get the Compensation You are Entitled to for Back and Neck Injuries

When car crashes happen, they are described as ‘accidents.’ However, the underlying cause is generally another person’s reckless and/or negligent driving behavior. At Zimmerman & Associates, we help you hold at-fault drivers accountable. Common causes of car accidents resulting in back and neck injuries that our Gwinnett County personal injury attorney represent include:

When back or neck injuries occur as a result of the above, Zimmerman & Associations can help you get the compensation you need. You may be entitled to medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit filed in the Gwinnett County Courts.

Our Gwinnett County Personal Injury Attorneys are Here to Help

When you suffer back or neck injuries due to the reckless actions of another, Zimmerman & Associates can help you hold them accountable. To discuss your options in seeking compensation, contact our Gwinnett County personal injury attorneys and request a free consultation today.