Jumping Bail

Charged with bail jumping in Georgia? Our Gwinnett County criminal defense lawyers work to protect you against the serious penalties you face.

If you are facing criminal charges in Georgia, bail can allow you to remain free while you await trial. The court sets the terms of your release and the conditions that must be followed. Jumping bail involves failure to adhere to these terms and not showing up for subsequent court hearings. This is a serious matter that can result in additional criminal charges and penalties, on top of those you already have. As experienced Gwinnett County criminal defense attorneys, Zimmerman & Associates protects you in this situation, providing trusted legal guidance and professional representation. 

Our Gwinnett County Criminal Defense Attorneys Protect Clients in Bail Jumping Cases

Providing the option of bail allows defendants to maintain employment, provide for their families, and participate in their own defense while awaiting trial. It also serves to free up space in correctional facilities. Bail procedures for misdemeanor crimes in Georgia often involve having to surrender your driver's license or being released on your own recognizance (ROR). In more serious cases or when faced with felony charges, posting a cash bond can be required. Once you are released, you will be given a date for your next court appearance.

Failing to appear on this date or otherwise not adhering to the conditions imposed by the court is known as jumping bail. Unfortunately, it only delays the inevitable and increases both your charges and the penalties you face. At Zimmerman & Associates, we represent clients in this situation. As experienced Gwinnett County criminal defense attorneys, we provide the professional legal representation you need to protect yourself.

What Happens When You Jump Bail in Georgia?

Facing criminal charges is intimidating and can impose hardships on you and those you love but choosing to jump bail only increases the consequences you will face. Whether you mistakenly missed a hearing or jumped bail to avoid a trial, the following is what you can expect to happen:

In the majority of cases, defendants are eventually caught or turn themselves in. At Zimmerman & Associates, we urge you to reach out and let our Gwinnett County criminal defense attorneys help. Under Georgia Code, penalties for bail jumping on misdemeanor charges include fines of up to $1,000 and up to 12 months in jail. For felony charges, these penalties increase to fines up to $5,000 and up to five years imprisonment. 

Let Our Gwinnett County, GA Criminal Defense Attorneys Help You

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