Norcross Child Custody Lawyers

Work with a Skilled Family Lawyer When Visitation is a Question

Whether you and your spouse are married and divorcing or separating with children, or you never married your child’s other parent and are not planning to live together, understanding the laws pertaining to custody of children in the state of Georgia is important. At the law office of Zimmerman & Associates , our Norcross child custody lawyers can help you to understand the law and your options.

Child Custody: Where to Start

Our lawyers, and the courts, strongly urge parents who are not planning to live together to commit to sitting down and creating a parenting plan that will address myriad elements of parental responsibility, including with whom children will live, whether or not custody will be sole or joint, what the visitation rights of the other parent will be, how the child will be transported from one parent’s home to the other’s, how holiday time will be split, who will be responsible for making decisions about the child’s life, and more. Attempting to reach an agreement by working together is the best place to start, and should always be on the table before going to court is an option.

Keep in mind that if you are the father of a child and paternity has not been established, you must do this before you will have any parental rights, including the right to seek visitation or custody.

What Does the Law Say About Child Custody?

Georgia law seeks to protect the best interests of the child, and believes that in the majority of cases, this is satisfied by the child maintaining a relationship with both parents. However, in the event that parents cannot agree about a custody and visitation arrangement, the court will intervene, and will base its decision on a number of different factors. These factors include:

● The emotional ties and love that exists between the child and each parent;

● The relationship that the child maintains with others in the home, such as siblings or grandparents;

● The ability and willingness of each parent to love and care for the child;

● The home environment of the child;

● The physical and mental health of each parent;

● Each parent’s individual schedule (and how this affects their ability to raise the child) and their involvement in the child’s life and extracurricular activities;

● The willingness of each parent to encourage a loving relationship between the child and the other parent;

● Any evidence of substance abuse or domestic abuse; and

● More - there are other factors specifically named by statute, and the court can consider any factors it deems relevant.

Our Norcross Child Custody Lawyers Can Help

The idea of losing custody of your child or missing out on visitation may feel devastating. At the law office of Zimmerman & Associates, our Norcross child custody lawyers can help you understand the law, and represent you in negotiations with your spouse, as well as in a courtroom. For your initial consultation,

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