Norcross Drug Charge Attorneys

Even if a Drug is Legal in Some Circumstances, it can be Illegal to Possess in Others

Many, many substances are classified as controlled dangerous substances by the Controlled Substances Act and the Georgia Controlled Substances Act . These substances include prescription drugs like Oxycodone as well as street drugs like heroin and cocaine. Marijuana, a substance that can be prescribed through Georgia’s medical marijuana program and is legal to possess and use in some states, is also a controlled substance and illegal to possess and use under most circumstances in Georgia.

If you are accused of possessing or trafficking a controlled dangerous substance, you can face a drug charge. When you face a drug charge, work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to fight it.

Examples of Drug Charges

Any instance of illegal possession or trafficking of a controlled dangerous substance can result in a drug charge. Drug charges include:

Penalties for Drug Convictions in Georgia

In Georgia, how a drug offense is charged depends on the substance involved in the alleged offense. All drug possession and trafficking charges, apart from the possession of one ounce or less of marijuana, are felonies in Georgia. Penalties for these convictions include a driver’s license suspension and lengthy prison sentences, including life in prison for individuals convicted of trafficking Schedule I and narcotic Schedule II substances for the second or subsequent time.

Defending Against a Drug Charge

There are many valid defense strategies to use when you are facing a drug charge. The right strategy for your case depends on the charge you are facing and the circumstances surrounding it. A few defense strategies used with drug charges include:

Under ideal circumstances, your legal defense strategy will result in your charge being dropped. Sometimes, it is more realistic to try to have a charge reduced so you do not face the more severe penalties associated with your charge. Depending on your circumstances, you could also be eligible to participate in a pretrial diversion program, which enables you to have your charge dropped and to avoid certain penalties. Your lawyer will advise you about your options.

Work with an Experienced Norcross Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you are facing a drug charge, you are facing significant consequences. These consequences go beyond your loss of liberty and the financial strain that comes with paying a fine; they can include social isolation and an abrupt end to your career. The most effective way to avoid these consequences is to work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to fight your charge. Contact Zimmerman & Associates to schedule your free consultation with us today.