Norcross Robbery and Theft Charge Defense Lawyers

If You Have Been Charged with Robbery or Theft, a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

A criminal conviction involving robbery or theft can have serious consequences on your future. If you are facing either type of charge, working with a skilled criminal defense lawyer can help you to understand your options for building your defense, as well as the penalties that you may face if convicted. Call our Norcross robbery/theft criminal defense lawyers today for your consultation.

Theft and Robbery Charges in Georgia

Understanding the charges against you and the consequences they bear is critical. Here is what you need to know about theft and robbery in our state:

Robbery is defined as taking money or property from another person through the use of intimidation, violence, threat, or force. In this way, robbery is different than theft, which occurs when one person unlawfully takes the possessions of another (but does not use violence, force, or threat to do so).

When a person commits an act of robbery with the use of a deadly weapon, such as a gun, or through force or threat of bodily harm, they commit an act of armed robbery. Armed robbery is a felony in our state and can carry a penalty of a prison sentence of between 10 to 20 years, life imprisonment, or even the death penalty. Standard robbery is also a felony offense.

Theft, however, is a misdemeanor offense that is punished by a fine and up to one year in jail if the amount of property involved is valued at $1,500 or less. The crime is a felony if the property involved is valued at $1,500.01 or more, or other criteria apply, and can be punished by up to 10 years in prison.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

If you are facing charges of theft, robbery, or armed robbery, you need to work with an attorney. In fact, a call to your attorney should be the first thing that you do following an arrest. The sooner that your attorney can start building your case and advising you, the more protected you will be.

A criminal defense attorney aids in many ways throughout the criminal defense process, starting by representing you in any conversations with police. Your attorney will also assess evidence against you, advise you regarding building a defense or entering a plea deal, and more. Defenses to theft and robbery might include lack of intent or knowledge, that the property was yours, lack of use of force, and otherwise casting reasonable doubt on the prosecution’s case.

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