Norcross Weapons Charge Lawyer

If you are charged with any type of weapons offense in Georgia, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side to protect you against the penalties you face.

The possession, carrying, or use of weapons is tightly regulated in Georgia, and being found in violation of state law is a serious offense. In addition to resulting in heavy fines and a lengthy jail sentence, a conviction will leave you with a criminal record that could restrict your rights to ownership of a gun or other weapons in the future. To protect your freedom and your rights in this situation, get our experienced Norcross criminal defense attorney on your side. At Zimmerman & Associates, we provide aggressive representation to help you avoid a conviction and the penalties you face.

We Defend You Against Weapons Charges in Gwinnett County

You have a constitutional right to bear arms as a means of protecting yourself and your property, but there are complex state laws with which you must comply. State law allows you to carry certain firearms within your home, place of business, and vehicle without a permit. However, you do need a Weapons Carry License from the Gwinnett County Probate Court if you intend to openly or conceal carry a firearm outside of your property. There are also certain types of weapons that are completely prohibited by law. Under Section 16-11-122 of the Georgia Code, these include:

● Sawed-off rifles or shotguns;

● Machine guns;

● Silencers;

● Rocket launchers;

● Grenades, mortars, and other types of dangerous devices.

Buying, selling, transporting, or having these types of weapons in your possession could end up resulting in both state and federal penalties. At Zimmerman & Associates, we provide the aggressive legal defense you need when facing these types of charges to avoid a potentially lengthy jail sentence.

Protecting You Against Penalties for Weapons Offenses

Not obtaining a Weapons Carry License to openly or conceal carry a firearm, selling a gun to anyone under the age of 18, or being in possession of modified or prohibited weapons could result in felony criminal charges, with penalties that include fines of up to $5,000 or more, and up to a five-year prison sentence. Even if you are charged with a misdemeanor weapons offense under Georgia gun laws, you could still face heavy fines and court costs, up to a one-year jail sentence, and forfeiture of any current gun licenses you possess. These types of crimes include:

● Intentionally pointing or aiming a gun at another, even if it is not loaded;

● Firing a gun within 50 yards of a public street or highway;

● Discharging a gun on private property without the permission of the property owner;

● Discharging a gun while you are inebriated or under the influence of any intoxicating substance.

Get Our Norcross Criminal Defense Attorney on Your Side

At Zimmerman & Associates, we can build a strong legal defense to protect you against the penalties associated with weapons charges in Georgia. Contact our Norcross criminal defense attorneys and request a consultation today to get our legal team on your side.