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Facing charges for any type of crime in Georgia is a serious matter. The state has heavy fines and harsh penalties in place for even minor offenses, while more serious accusations could find you facing a possible prison sentence. In addition to these penalties, there is the fact that you will now have a criminal arrest record following you for the rest of your life, potentially damaging both your personal and professional prospects. At Zimmerman & Associates, we may be able to assist you in getting certain types of charges expunged, or restricted from your record. Our over 40 years of experience as a Gwinnett County criminal defense attorneys assures you the best chances of getting a successful result in your case.

Do Not Let Criminal Charges Hold You Back in Life

Even the most honest and law abiding citizens can find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Whether you committed a juvenile offense in your younger days, had a lapse in judgment as an adult, or were the victim of a case of mistaken identity, you may have found yourself facing criminal charges. These charges remain a part of your permanent record, where they can be easily accessed through the United States Department of Justice, the National Crime Information Center, the Georgia Crime and Information Center, state and local agencies, or numerous online ‘public records search’ websites and databases.

Unfortunately, this can keep you from obtaining certain types of jobs or impact your ability to get an education, be approved for a lease, or apply for certain types of benefits. It can also be damaging in your personal life, such as if you become involved in family court proceedings. At Zimmerman & Associates, our Gwinnett County record restriction/expungement attorneys may be able to assist you in getting your arrest record restricted.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys can Help Clear Your Name

Depending on your charges, when they occurred, and the outcome of your case, you may be entitled to a Georgia Criminal History Record Restriction. This generally does not mean that your criminal arrest is completely removed from your file, but it does restrict it so that it is not visible to the general public, potential employers, and certain other agencies.

To get your record restricted, you may have to be approved by the prosecuting attorney in your case. The exact process can be lengthy and depends on when the arrest occurred. Those who may be entitled to a record restriction/expungement include:

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