Norcross High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers

When facing the prospect of a complex, high net worth divorce case, you need an experienced Gwinnett County divorce attorney on your side.

Even in relatively uncomplicated divorce cases, you need an experienced Gwinnett County divorce attorney to protect your rights and guide you throughout the process. In cases of divorce in which there are significant amounts of property and assets, getting aggressive legal representation by a firm skilled in negotiations is a necessity. At Zimmerman & Associates, we have been successfully representing clients in complex, high net worth divorce cases for over 40 years. With so much on the line and the potential impact your divorce could have on your future financial security, you need our legal team on your side.

Aggressive Representation in High Net Worth Divorce Cases

In any divorce case, there are certain issues that must be resolved before a final order is issued. Under the Georgia Code, these generally concern matters impacting marital property and assets. By law, property is to be divided on an equitable, though not necessarily even basis. This means that factors such as the length of your marriage, each spouse’s income, and the contributions each one made in accumulating marital property will all be factors in your case.

At Zimmerman & Associates, we know that settlements and orders issued in property division proceedings have the potential to impact you and your financial security, now and in the years to come. Our Gwinnett County divorce attorneys aggressively work to defend your interests, making sure you get what you are entitled to during this process. In a high net worth divorce, assets which may be at stake include:

Uncovering Assets in Your High Net Divorce

In a relatively simple or uncontested divorce, the state of Georgia advises that issues such as division of property and assets may be resolved amicably between the spouses in a matter of months or even weeks. In a high net worth divorce, simply uncovering and disclosing all the property and assets in the relationship can take months of hard work, while additional time is likely to be needed in divorce negotiations. As a result, it can be years before a final order is issued.

At Zimmerman & Associates, our decades of experience and our legal expertise work in your favor. We can zero in on identifying and valuing the various assets in your divorce case, while making strong, effective legal arguments as to why you are entitled to keep them.

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