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Being accused of a crime that involves threats or acts of violence in Georgia can leave you facing potentially serious penalties. To avoid a conviction that could result in fines, restitution to victims, and a possibly lengthy jail sentence, you need an experienced Norcross assault and battery attorney on your side. At Zimmerman & Associates , we have been aggressively representing clients facing these types of charges for more than 40 years. Get our legal team working on your side to help clear your name.

Assault and Battery In Georgia

Under Title 16, Chapter 5, Article 2 of the Georgia Code , assault involves attempting to injure another person while battery involves actually causing physical harm or visible bodily harm to another. There are different categories of assault and battery depending on how the alleged crime occurred and the circumstances involved. These include:

● Simple assault: This involves threatening or attempting to harm another. As a misdemeanor crime, it carries fines of up to $1,000, payment of restitution, and the possibility of being placed in jail or placed on probation, or both.

● Simple battery: This involves contact with another person, such as punching or pushing, and intentionally causing physical harm. It carries the same penalties as simple assault, which include fines, restitution, and jail or probation.

● Aggravated assault: This involves attempting to cause serious harm or using a deadly weapon, such as a gun or knife, or even an automobile, while committing the offense. As a felony charge, this carries fines of up to $100,000, restitution, and up to a 20-year jail sentence.

● Aggravated battery: This involves causing serious harm to a victim, which includes scars, broken bones, and injuries that result in lasting impairments, and carries the same heavy fines and lengthy jail sentence as aggravated assault.

It is important to realize that with simple assault and battery charges, there may have been extenuating circumstances involved that could result in a more severe sentence. Whenever you are facing these types of charges, you need an experienced Norcross assault and battery attorney on your side, providing you with a strong legal defense.

We Defend You Against Serious Criminal Charges

At Zimmerman & Associates, we provide the professional legal representation you need when facing these types of charges. As experienced Norcross assault and battery attorneys, we fight to defend your rights in Gwinnett County Court proceedings, while taking the actions needed to help you avoid a conviction:

● Investigating all aspects of your case;

● Gathering evidence to defend you in court;

● Negotiating with prosecuting attorneys to have your charges dropped or reduced;

● Defending you in front of a judge and jury;

● Arguing for alternative sentencing, to help you avoid a possible jail sentence.

Let Our Norcross Assault and Battery Attorneys Assist You

When facing serious criminal charges, you need a strong, swift legal defense. At Zimmerman & Associates, we have been providing clients with trusted legal representation since 1975. Contact our Norcross assault and battery attorneys and request a consultation to get our team hard at work on your case.