Drug Crime Charges

If you are facing drug charges in Gwinnett County, get our experienced Norcross drug crime defense attorneys on your side.

All drugs are not created equal. Some are more addictive for users and their effects can be potentially deadly. As a result, charges and penalties vary depending on the specific offense and the type of drug involved. At the same time, all drug crimes in Georgia are a serious matter and can result in heavy fines and a lengthy jail sentence. When you are facing these types of charges, you need our experienced Gwinnett County drug crime defense attorneys at Zimmerman & Associates fighting on your side.

Georgia Drug Schedules

Under the Georgia Controlled Substances Act, drugs are classified into different categories, known as drug schedules. These are based on the potential for abuse or addiction and whether they have accepted medical uses. Criminal charges involving even what might be considered minor or ‘recreational’ drugs can result in serious penalties. At Zimmerman & Associates, our Norcross drug crime attorneys represent people facing charges involving the following:

Penalties for Drug Crimes in Georgia

In addition to the drug involved, penalties you face depend on the actual type of drug crime of which you are accused. At Zimmerman & Associates, we represent clients facing serious penalties as a result of the following:

For schedule I or II drugs, a first offense for drug possession carries up to a 15-year prison sentence, while manufacturing or distribution could result in 30 years. For schedule III or IV drugs, possession could result in a five-year sentence, with up to 10 years for manufacturing, distribution, or sales. Depending on the type of drug and whether you crossed state lines, federal drug charges may also apply. 

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