Norcross White Collar Crimes Attorneys

To avoid the serious penalties associated with white collar crime charges, you need aggressive legal representation from our experienced Gwinnett County criminal defense attorneys.

White collar crimes are committed by professionals, businesses, and those in government positions. Generally non-violent, they are financially motivated and involve some type of fraud or a betrayal of public trust. Make no mistake — these are serious criminal offenses that carry potentially harsh penalties upon conviction. When you are accused of committing this type of crime, you need aggressive legal representation by an experienced Gwinnett County criminal defense attorney. At Zimmerman & Associates, we have been protecting clients accused of white collar crimes for more than 40 years. We strategize a strong legal defense, offering your best chances for success in beating your charges and avoiding the ramifications you could be facing.

Defending You Against White Collar Crime Charges in Georgia

White collar crimes typically involve more sophisticated and elaborate schemes than lower level, ‘street’ offenses. As a result, both the criminal penalties and the fallout in other areas of your life tend to be more severe. In addition to heavy fines, court costs, legal expenses, and a potentially lengthy prison sentence, you face the loss of your business and your reputation within the professional community, as well as forfeiture of property and assets you possess.

At Zimmerman & Associates, we provide the strong, professional legal representation you need in these situations. Our knowledge of the Georgia Code and how it applies in white collar crime cases enables our Gwinnett County criminal defense attorneys to protect you against the following types of charges:

● Bank fraud;

● Bribery;

● Computer fraud;

● Credit card fraud;

● Embezzlement;

● Extortion;

● Forged documents;

● Hedge fund fraud;

● Identity theft;

● Insider trading;

● Insurance fraud;

● Investment scams;

● Money laundering or counterfeiting;

● Ponzi schemes;

● Racketeering;

● Securities violations;

● Tax fraud and tax evasion.

Protection Against Possible Federal Charges

In addition to criminal charges in Georgia and the harsh penalties you could be facing upon a state conviction, white collar crimes often require dealing with federal officials, as well. When crimes are committed across state lines or involve public and government institutions, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is likely to begin its own investigation of your case. Actions they may take against you include:

● Combing through all of your personal financial information;

● Seizing computers, documents, and other business property, in order to obtain evidence against you;

● Interrogating business associates and clients;

● Freezing assets and seizing property, threatening the financial security of your family members.

In this type of situation, you need an aggressive Gwinnett County white collar crime attorney on your side who has experience in dealing with federal authorities. At Zimmerman & Associates, we can protect you against these actions and the mandatory minimum jail sentences associated with a federal conviction.

Get Our Gwinnett County White Collar Crime Attorneys on Your Side

At Zimmerman & Associates, we provide the fierce legal protection and aggressive defense you need when facing white collar crime charges. To get our team fighting on your side, contact our Gwinnett County white collar crime attorneys to request a consultation today.