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A Drug Trafficking Conviction can Change Your Life

Drug trafficking is a more serious charge than drug possession. Both involve the possession of illegal substances as defined by the Georgia Controlled Substances Act and the federal Controlled Substances Act , but drug trafficking is the charge for any act of allegedly selling, manufacturing, or transporting an illegal substance.

When you are facing a drug trafficking charge, you need an advocate in the form of an experienced criminal defense lawyer . Do not wait to start working on your legal defense strategy.

Drug Trafficking Charges

Many individuals who are charged with drug trafficking face the charge because they were in possession of a larger quantity of illegal drugs than one would personally use, suggesting that the drugs were meant to be distributed. Drug trafficking is a broad charge that covers:

You can face a state-level charge or a federal charge for drug trafficking, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. Trafficking drugs across state lines or on federal land can result in a federal charge, whereas trafficking operations contained to Georgia can result in state-level charges.

Penalties for a Drug Trafficking Conviction

In Georgia, all drug trafficking charges are felony-level charges. The penalties an individual faces for a drug trafficking charge depend on the schedule of the substance he or she allegedly trafficked and whether he or she has a previous drug trafficking charge on his or her record.

For trafficking a Schedule I or Schedule II substance, he or she faces five to 30 years in prison. For a second or subsequent conviction, he or she faces 10 to 40 years and in some cases, life in prison.

Trafficking a Schedule III, IV, or V substance is a lesser offense, but a felony offense nonetheless. For a first time conviction, an individual faces one to 10 years in prison. He or she also faces this penalty for a second or subsequent conviction.

Working with an experienced criminal defense lawyer is your best opportunity to have your charge lowered or dismissed. Your lawyer can discuss your defense strategy options with you and when it is likely that you will be found guilty, he or she may discuss options like accepting a plea bargain or entering a diversion program to avoid facing the most severe penalties associated with your charge.

Defend Your Case with an Experienced Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer

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