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In the area of family law, Zimmerman & Associates represent clients in divorce, custody, and contempt proceedings.  As a divorce is an often stressful and life altering event, we are prepared to minimize the impact as much as possible by helping you navigate the legal complexities of ending a marriage.

We also handle a large variety of divorce cases, from simple, uncontested divorces to complex, contested divorce actions.  We have extensive experience with cases involving substantial assets, high incomes, small businesses, and hidden assets.  Our financial analysis capabilities can help you address the unique nature of any type of domestic case.  We also handle a number of contested custody actions involving issues such as adultery, alcohol, drug abuse, and physical violence.  If you have the need to file for a Temporary Protective Order (TPO), or one has been filed against you, we can help.

A number of legal issues can arise after a divorce.  If one spouse does not satisfy their financial or other obligations in the divorce, we can assist in contempt of court cases to help you enforce what a court has ordered.  If you have lost your job or are experiencing other difficulties which prevent you from meeting obligations from the divorce, we can assist you in seeking a modification of your current divorce decree in order to change your child support or alimony obligation.  If your former spouse is earning more money, and you have increased needs, we can help you seek a modification of your divorce decree to increase the support to which you are entitled.  If circumstances have changed and you now believe that your child custody and visitation arrangements should be altered, we can aid you in bringing those issues to the court's attention in an effort to modify your child custody arrangements.

In the best interest of the child, more good work done by Zimmerman & Associates...

In this instance, we represented the Father, who was the plaintiff.  We brought an action against the mother for a modification of custody based on an extreme change in circumstances that adversely affected the best interests of the child.  Upon the filing of the action, our firm filed an emergency motion for a temporary hearing for a change in custody from the Mother to the Father.  Evidence was presented to the Court of the Mother's strange disappearances and abuse of prescription drugs.  Following the Court's deliberation of the facts, and discussion with the Mother, the Court ordered that custody be changed to the Father, with the Mother having limited, supervised visitation.

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