Norcross Corporate Law Attorneys

The Norcross corporate law attorneys at Zimmerman & Associates are prepared to assist you with any legal matter your business may face.

Corporate law encompasses a multitude of legal issues ranging from business formation to business dissolution, and everything that happens in between. 

Zimmerman & Associates assists with everything from, small “mom and pop” businesses, to large fortune 500 corporations. Whether it is a breach of contract dispute, unfair competition, or business litigation, we are dedicated to zealously representing each and every client.

We are a top-rated law firm representing clients in Norcross, Gwinnett County, and all across the Atlanta metropolitan area. Our client-focused approach ensures that our clients get the best legal advice when dealing with corporate law issues.

At Zimmerman & Associates, we understand that your desired outcome is to move forward and grow a successful business. That is why we strive to address your concerns promptly and effectively to make sure that the legal aspects of your business are properly handled.

How a Norcross Corporate Law Attorney Can Help

An experienced corporate law attorney can help you navigate the complicated laws and regulations regarding your business. Our attorneys at Zimmerman & Associates handle all types of corporate law issues, including:

Breach of contract disputes

Breach of contract disputes are common in the business world. When parties have contractual obligations and one of the parties fails to adhere to the terms of the contract, the offended party can file a lawsuit to enforce the contract and recover damages.

Our knowledgeable attorneys can help you determine if you have a potential lawsuit for a breach of contract.

Unfair competition claims

Often, businesses become victims of unfair competition. If your business has suffered financial losses due to unfair, dishonest, or fraudulent practices by competitors, you might be entitled to compensation. Contact our Norcross corporate law attorneys to discuss your particular situation and identify possible legal remedies.

Civil rights claims

The Bill of Rights of the Constitution guarantees civil rights and liberties to American citizens. If a state, federal and local government official or agency violated your constitutional rights, you might have grounds to pursue a civil rights claim to hold the party accountable for the violation and demand compensation.

Our attorneys handle all types of civil rights claims, including:

At Zimmerman & Associates, our skilled attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the civil rights of our clients. Our goal is to zealously represent your interests in civil rights cases and seek justice.

Non-compete agreement disputes

Many businesses try to protect their interests by requiring employees to enter into non-compete agreements as a condition of employment. Most often, a non-compete agreement prohibits the employee from working for a competitor during their employment and for a certain amount of time after employment ends.

If you are an employee who has been asked to sign an unreasonable non-compete agreement or you are the employer whose employee violated the restrictive covenant, speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

Trade secrets and intellectual property

For most companies, trade secrets are some of the most valuable parts of their intellectual property portfolio. While many businesses take all necessary steps to protect their trade secrets, these secrets can be stolen or infringed upon through illegal or unethical means.

If you are a business owner whose trade secrets have been obtained illegally or you are someone accused of trade secret misappropriation, contact our knowledgeable corporate law attorneys to discuss your situation and protect your interests.

Partnership disputes

Disagreements between partners are a common occurrence in the corporate world. Typically, partnership agreements spell out how disputes are to be resolved when they arise.

If you are currently dealing with a business partnership dispute, our lawyers can help.

Deceptive trade practices

When a business or individual engages in deceptive trade practices, the deceived buyer or another party could take legal action to obtain compensation.

A business or individual engages in deceptive trade practices when they do something or make a statement that is intended to mislead potential customers or lure them into purchasing a particular product or service through deception.

If someone defrauded you of your money, you need a skilled attorney to help you pursue compensation for damages caused by deceptive trade practices.

Business dissolution

If you want to dissolve your business, you need to do it properly. When it comes to dissolving a business in the State of Georgia, there are many things to consider.

It is advised to speak with an experienced corporate law attorney to help you with the business dissolution to avoid any potential pitfalls and ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome.

Why You Need a Gwinnett County Corporate Law Attorney

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to protect your interests and assets. If your business has been harmed because of a dispute, breach of contract, unfair competition, or any other deceptive, fraudulent, or unethical practices, you need a corporate law attorney.

All businesses always do their best to avoid legal issues and disputes at all costs. However, that is not always possible. Sometimes, disputes and other legal challenges arise when you least expect them, and it is crucial to resolve them as soon as possible before your business suffers financial losses.

You should hire a Gwinnett County corporate law attorney who understands the complexities of your type of business and can provide guidance when needed.

Your lawyer will help you and the other party negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement to resolve the dispute as smoothly as possible with your business’s best interests in mind.

With a skilled business law attorney on your side, you can pursue legal action against a competitor, employee, employer, partner, minority or majority shareholder, contractor, LLC member, or any other party that has caused a business loss.

At Zimmerman & Associates, we understand how legal issues can impact your company’s bottom line, which is why we are dedicated to protecting your business. Our attorneys have a track record of success representing plaintiffs and defendants in corporate law cases. Call (770) 350-0100 to schedule a consultation and discuss your unique situation.

Norcross Business Formation Attorney

There are many moving parts in the process of creating a business, including selecting and forming the type of legal entity most suited to the organization’s and owners’ unique needs. If you are thinking about starting a company, you should consult with a Georgia business formation lawyer. An experienced attorney could assess your goals and advise you on the type of legal entity you should form based on the vision you have for your organization.

Types of Legal Entities

When forming a business, there are many types of legal entities to choose from depending on the number of partners involved, the industry, and the type of management and control structure desired. Georgia law permits individuals to form different types of legal entities, including:

A business formation attorney who is well-versed in the laws governing these legal entities could help owners understand the benefits and disadvantages of forming a particular entity before deciding how to form their organization.

Essential Factors to Consider when Choosing a Legal Entity

There are two key factors to consider when forming a company—tax consequences and personal liability. Certain types of legal entities provide better tax advantages to owners, while others better insulate owners from being personally liable for any debts accrued by the business.

Tax Consequences

Sole proprietorships, general and limited partnerships, LLCs, and S corporations are pass-through taxation entities, meaning the owners pay taxes and the companies do not pay any taxes. Specifically, taxable profits, losses, or deductions realized by the business will be “passed through” to each partner to claim on their individual tax returns. Forming this type of entity often results in favorable tax breaks for business owners.

Other entities, such as C corporations, are subject to double taxation, meaning the business pays taxes on profits, and the owners must also pay taxes on their tax returns for the profits or dividends they receive from the (already-taxed) C Corporation. Depending on the amount of profits generated, this type of taxation may benefit owners who do not want to claim profits as individual income. So, for example, if you have a business that prefers to not distribute profits to its owners but rather reinvest a great deal of revenue back into the company, a C Corporation may be the best option, since individuals would not be taxed on those reinvested profits. The C Corporation would likely still be taxed on the profits, but typical C Corporation tax rates are less than individual tax rates, and the reinvested profits may be deductible.

Personal Liability

Although forming sole proprietorships and general partnerships could result in favorable tax treatment, they do not insulate owners from being personally responsible for paying debts owed by the business, or really anything that the business is liable for. What is worse, there are outdated laws on the books for general partnerships, whereby you could be held accountable for your business partner’s actions, even if you had nothing to do with those actions. Limited partnerships typically provide limited partners with insulation from being responsible for the company’s debts and liabilities. The general partners, however, will still be personally liable for the business’ debts.

However, C Corporations, S Corporations, and LLCs are usually the best way to go, because they provide owners with the most protection from being personally liable for an organization’s debts and liabilities. Owners should talk to an experienced business formation attorney about their business objectives before deciding which type of legal entity to form.

Business Formation Filing Requirements in Georgia

Under Title 14 of the Official Georgia Code Annotated, business owners must draft and file legal documents with Georgia’s Secretary of State to create corporations and limited partnerships. If owners fail to properly execute and file the documents necessary to establish a specific entity, they may not be able to enjoy the advantages associated with forming that legal entity. Our experienced business formation attorneys at Zimmerman & Associates can help ensure owners properly establish their desired entity by drafting and filing the required documents on their behalf.

Consult a Norcross Business Formation Attorney Today

If you are considering starting a company, our experienced business formation attorneys at Zimmerman & Associates can advise you on the type of entity to form, explain the benefits and consequences of creating a specific entity, and file the required legal paperwork on your behalf. You do not have to go through this process alone. Call (770) 350-0100 to schedule a consultation and discuss your unique situation.