Norcross Stalking Attorneys

If you need protection, our Norcross stalking attorneys may be able to offer both short and long-term solutions.

Georgia law roughly defines stalking as surveilling, following, or contacting a person with the intent to intimidate or harass that person. That definition is quite vague, and it contains lots of moving parts. For this reason, and also because many law enforcement officers see stalking as a civil matter, criminal prosecutions are rare. Fortunately, our Norcross stalking attorneys protect families in these situations.

At Zimmerman & Associates, we routinely stand up for both alleged victims and alleged stalkers. We firmly believe that everyone has a right to a day in court. Because we aggressively advocate for our clients, families benefit. We help them obtain the protection and peace of mind they need to continue living their lives.

Protective Orders in Gwinnett County

Typically, repeated stalking incidents are more than unsettling. When emotions run high, the situation can spiral out of control very quickly. So, if stalking is an issue in your relationship, our Norcross stalking attorneys will get to work quickly on your behalf.

Generally, Gwinnett County Judges approve ex parte temporary protective orders based solely on the petitioner’s affidavit. There is usually no need to come to court. Even if the Judge does require more evidence, the alleged abuser is not present. Indeed, the alleged stalker does not even know about the protective order at this point.

Usually, there are two sides to every story. So, within 10 days, but not later than 30 days after a temporary order takes effect, the Judge holds a full hearing. At this hearing, both sides may present evidence and make arguments. Since more evidence is available, the Judge may make more sweeping orders. In addition to anti-stalking measures, a long-term protective order may include financial support and other provisions. Any order granted at this hearing shall remain in effect for up to one year. However, the court may convert a temporary order granted at the hearing, to an order effective for not more than 3 years, or to a permanent order.

A protective order is a lot more than a piece of paper. Violating the order could result in being arrested, being put in jail without a bond, and facing a felony charge. Additionally, a protective order enables alleged victims to give third parties, like daycare centers and schools, official notice that there is an issue.

Final Orders in Georgia

Temporary protective orders are often only a first step. They provide immediate relief, but often do not address the underlying issues. A divorce or paternity action takes that extra step. Additionally, these family law orders may also contain protective provisions.

Both paternity and divorce actions address issues like child visitation and child support. These provisions create important ground rules which set visitation boundaries. These orders also create enforceable financial support obligations. At Zimmerman & Associates, our Norcross stalking lawyers routinely perform these functions.

Additionally, divorce orders address property division matters. These orders clarify ownership issues.

Finally, as previously mentioned, both divorce and paternity orders may include permanent protective orders. These orders generally have no expiration date. They remain in effect until a judge explicitly modifies them. So, your family gets the long-term security it needs and deserves.

Reach Out to an Assertive Attorney

Civil family law orders may bring stability to a dangerous situation. For a consultation with an experienced Norcross stalking lawyer, contact Zimmerman & Associates, Attorneys at Law. We routinely handle matters in Gwinnett County and nearby jurisdictions.