Norcross Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our Gwinnett County juvenile defense lawyers are dedicated to helping young people accused of crimes.

At Zimmerman & Associates, we are dedicated to helping young people who are in trouble with the law. Maybe it is the work we do within the community, giving educational talks at high schools, before youth groups, and chipping in to help with local social and charitable organizations. Maybe it is all the young people we have met over the years through Barry Zimmerman’s kids, now aged 30 and 33. Regardless of the reasons, we sympathize when young people get caught up in bad situations and make choices that are not in their best interests. As experienced juvenile defense lawyers, we protect them against the often harsh consequences that can come from a criminal conviction.

A Strong Defense Against Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile crimes are no small matter. The Georgia Juvenile Code aims to hold young offenders accountable while providing treatment and rehabilitation to help them go on to live productive and meaningful lives. However, the resulting penalties can be severe, and the impact of a criminal record can follow a young person for the rest of his or her life.

As experienced Norcross juvenile criminal defense attorneys, Zimmerman & Associates provides the strong legal defense young people and their families need in this situation. We act as a strong ally on your side when your son or daughter faces the following types of charges:

Proven Results in Protecting Juveniles Accused of Crimes

As Gwinnett County juvenile defense lawyers, Zimmerman & Associates helps protect young people and their families against penalties imposed through the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. Depending on the crime, these may include fines, community service, mandatory counseling, and removal from the home and placement in a detention center. Whatever the crime, we provide a strong defense. Our success stories include:

Let Our Norcross, GA Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyers Assist You

Zimmerman & Associates helps to prevent criminal charges from derailing the lives of young people. To find out how we can assist in your case, contact our Gwinnett County juvenile criminal defense lawyers and request a free consultation today