Abduction and Kidnapping

Under Georgia law, charges related to abduction and kidnapping can result in serious penalties and require a strong legal defense.

Kidnapping is a serious criminal charge in Georgia. It involves removing someone from their home or other location without lawful authority or forcibly confining them in a particular area against their will. These charges can arise under a variety of different situations. Regardless of the circumstances, they require swift legal actions from an experienced and knowledgeable Gwinnett County criminal defense attorney to prevent a potentially lengthy prison sentence. At Zimmerman & Associates, you can count on us to provide the aggressive legal representation needed to protect you against a kidnapping conviction.

A Strong Legal Defense Against Kidnapping and Abduction Charges in Georgia

Under Section 16-5-40, of the Georgia Code, kidnapping is a complicated crime that can result in felony charges and a prison sentence of anywhere from 10 years to life in prison, depending on the circumstances involved. In order to be convicted, prosecuting attorneys must prove that you took the victim against their will, or isolated them, and concealed their whereabouts without having any legal authority to do so. These charges can arise in a variety of situations:

Factors that will increase the severity of your kidnapping charges and the potential penalties you face include; if the victim was under the age of 14, if they were held for ransom, or if they suffered bodily injuries during the abduction, or as a result of being held against their will. Kidnappings and abductions in which the alleged victim was moved out of state could also result in federal charges, carrying mandatory minimum penalties.

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