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If you are the parent of a child in Georgia, you have a moral and legal responsibility to provide for that child. When parents of a child are living together and raising the child as a couple, the courts assume that both parents are contributing to the child’s well-being and growth. However, when parties are living separately, perhaps as a result of divorce or separation, the court holds that the noncustodial parent must make child support payments. Our lawyers at the law office of Zimmerman & Associates can assist you in seeking a child support order, modifying a support order, understanding your right to child support or your obligation to pay support, and enforcing a court order. Call us today to learn more.

Georgia Child Support Guidelines

In Georgia, child support is based on guidelines that have been set by the state. These guidelines consider the income of both the custodial parent and the noncustodial parent and the number of children for whom support is being calculated. This is called the income shares model.

There is a schedule of basic support obligations that is found in the Georgia Code . For example, if parents have an adjusted gross income of $2,800 per month and have one child, the child is owed $583 per month in support. For two children, the total amount would be $829. The more or less that parents make, the higher or lower the support obligations, respectively. A parent will be responsible for a portion of the child support obligation that is proportional to the share of their income.

Courts can deviate from the basic guideline when doing so is appropriate, however. For example, a court may order that a parent pay more if a child has extraordinary medical needs, or less if income is especially high.

Can I Change a Child Custody Order?

Once a court issues a child custody order, it can be difficult to modify the order, although doing so is not impossible. Modification is only allowed when there is a significant change in circumstances. This may be the loss of job for either parent, or a serious change in circumstances for the child (such as moving to the other parent’s home full-time or being diagnosed with a serious condition).

Paying Child Support is Not Optional

One thing that is very important for noncustodial parents to understand is that paying child support is not optional. In fact, if one shirks their duties and defaults on payments, there can be legal consequences. What is more, enforcement actions can be taken against a party who does not make child support payments, including garnishment of wages. If you are having trouble making payments, you are obligated to continue making them, but you should contact an attorney immediately to learn more about your options.

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