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When a Marriage is No Longer Healthy, Divorce is Often the Healthiest Option

There are lots of reasons why couples divorce. When an individual cites a specific reason for filing for divorce, he or she cites a “ground” for divorce like habitual intoxication, domestic violence, adultery, or his or her spouse’s incarceration. Not all divorces involve grounds, however. In Georgia, an individual can also seek a no-fault divorce, which only requires the filing party to cite that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

If you think divorce is the right choice for you, speak with an experienced divorce lawyer who can explain the process in greater detail and discuss your legal options with you.

Getting Divorced in Georgia

In Georgia, an individual can only file for divorce if he or she or his or her spouse has lived in the state for six months or longer. Divorce petitions are filed with the Superior Court of the county where either spouse lives. To file for divorce, the couple must be legally separated.

When a couple agrees to all the terms of their proposed divorce settlement, they can complete an uncontested divorce. This is a quicker, less expensive process than divorcing through litigation. It also is not possible for every couple. Some couples need the court to help work out their divorce settlement terms to ensure that their settlements are appropriate and fair. It is also possible to divorce through mediation, a process through which the couple works with a third party to reach a divorce settlement that works for them.

Divorce Issues We Handle

Our firm works with individuals on the following, either as part of a divorce or outside a divorce proceeding:

We are equipped to help clients work through the specific challenges they face with their divorces, like locating hidden assets, valuing small businesses, breaking down high value marital estates, and ending marriages that involved domestic violence.

In addition to working with clients currently completing the divorce process, our team works with divorced individuals who are seeking modifications to their divorce orders. In the years after a divorce, it is not uncommon for an individual’s financial situation to change or his or her child to have new financial needs.

Your Divorce Lawyer’s Role

When you are getting divorced, your lawyer is your personal advocate. He or she explains the applicable laws to you and walks you through the divorce process. He or she also supports your interests and protects your rights during the divorce process, which can mean fighting false allegations and demonstrating your fitness as a parent with relevant evidence.

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