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When unexpected events impact you and your loved ones, it is vitally important to have the proper legal documents in place. At Zimmerman & Associates, we provide the professional legal representation you need in these matters and have been serving people throughout Norcross and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. You can trust our Gwinnett County wills and trusts attorneys to provide the legal guidance you need to ensure your family’s assets and best interests are protected.

Get the Legal Documents Needed to Protect You and Your Loved Ones

Estate planning documents protect you and your loved ones, regardless of what the future might hold. While a will is one of the most basic and important of these documents, it is something people often put off creating until it is too late. According to the American Association of Retired People (AARP), roughly 60 % of all Americans do not have a legally valid and updated will in place. This can prevent the people you love from inheriting from your estate, while also subjecting them to potentially lengthy and costly probate court proceedings.

At Zimmerman & Associates, our Gwinnett County wills and trusts attorneys can guide you in creating a document that achieves the following objectives:

In addition to your will, we can also assist you in creating other important estate planning documents. These include naming a power of attorney to make decisions on behalf of your estate, along with a health care proxy and other advance directives to ensure any end-of-life issues are addressed.

Protecting Yourself and Your Family Through a Trust

As experienced Norcross wills and trusts attorneys, our top priority is protecting and preserving the assets you have worked hard to accumulate over the years. A trust is an important tool in this process, allowing you to achieve multiple objectives. In addition to preserving property and assets while bypassing proceedings in the Gwinnett County Probate Court, a trust can also be used to accomplish the following objectives:

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