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To protect yourself against the potential state and federal penalties associated with internet crimes, you need our experienced Gwinnett County criminal defense attorneys on your side.

As people spend increasing amounts of time online, it should come as no surprise that the number of allegations involving internet crimes has increased, as well. Otherwise known as cyber crimes, these can result in criminal charges at both the state and federal levels. At Zimmerman & Associates , we provide trusted, professional legal representation for individuals facing these allegations. As Gwinnett County criminal defense attorneys with more than 40 years of experience, we act as a strong ally to help you avoid the penalties associated with a conviction.

Charges Related to Internet Crimes

Computers have impacted our entire way of life, including criminal activities and how they are carried out. Unfortunately, it is relatively easy for even otherwise honest, law abiding people to run afoul of the law online. However, computer crimes are viewed just as seriously as those that occur offline and in some cases, the penalties involved may be even more severe.

When facing these types of charges, you need an experienced Gwinnett County internet crime attorney on your side. At Zimmerman & Associates , we aggressively defend the rights of clients who have been charged with the following:

● Computer hacking;

● Invasion of privacy;

● Accessing classified information;

● Destroying computer data and files;

● Spreading viruses over computers or networks;

● Copyright infringement and software piracy;

● Phishing scams;

● Identity theft;

● Credit card fraud or theft;

● Bank fraud;

● Conducting illegal financial transactions online;

● Counterfeiting;

● Embezzlement;

● Securities violations;

● Profiting from illegal money-making schemes;

● Cyber stalking and online harassment;

● Child pornography;

● Trafficking in the online purchase, sale, or trade of sex, drugs, or weapons.

Get Our Legal Team on Your Side

Under Title 19, Chapter 9, Article 6 of the Georgia Code , penalties for internet crimes vary and include fines of up to $50,000 and up to a 15-year jail sentence. You could also be held liable through a civil lawsuit for any damages your alleged actions caused to others. This is in addition to any federal penalties you may be facing.

Due to the broad reach of the internet, it is not uncommon for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to get involved when an alleged cyber crime has occurred. Actions they may take include:

● Searching your home, vehicle, and office;

● Seizing your phone, computer, and other electronic devices;

● Sifting through every detail of your professional and personal life;

● Freezing your accounts and assets.

In the event federal charges are filed, you could face a mandatory minimum jail sentence. To protect yourself from the serious ramifications that result from a conviction, you need an experienced, aggressive Gwinnett County internet crime attorney on your side.

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