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In matters impacting your relationship with your children, our Gwinnett County visitation attorneys act as your trusted legal advocate.

Matters impacting the rights of parents and other family members to be involved in a child’s life are some of the most complex and potentially contentious dealt with in the family court. When you are involved in these types of proceedings, you need a strong, experienced Gwinnett County visitation attorney on your side. At Zimmerman & Associates , we have been representing clients throughout our area in these types of sensitive matters for more than 40 years. We provide the trusted legal representation you need, acting as a strong advocate in protecting your rights.

Defending Your Rights to Visitation

When parents are unmarried or going through a divorce, children can too often get caught in the middle. If one parent is awarded primary custody, the other may have to fight for the right to visitation. These types of arrangements are generally made in parenting plans submitted to the Gwinnett County Court .

At Zimmerman & Associates, we defend your rights in these situations. As an experienced Gwinnett County visitation attorney, we fight to help you obtain the following:

● Visitation during the week and over weekends;

● Extended visits over school breaks and other special occasions;

● The right to spend alternating holidays with your child;

● The right to attend school, sports, or recreational events in which your child is involved;

● Legal authority in terms of being involved in decisions made on their behalf, such as regarding their education, activities, and religious upbringing.

Your parenting plan will also spell out important issues, such as pick up and drop off times and locations, alternative arrangements in the event of a change in plans, and procedures for resolving any disputes that arise between you and the other parent.

Protecting the Best Interests of You and Your Child

When making the above types of visitation arrangements, there are certain factors about the situation the judge in your case will consider. Under Section 19 -9-3 of the Georgia Code , these include:

● The age of the child and the parent’s ability to meet the child’s physical, developmental, and emotional needs;

● The level of involvement the parent previously had in the child’s life;

● Each parent’s ability and willingness to cooperate with the other in terms of the parenting plan;

● The existence of any issues, such as domestic violence or drug and alcohol abuse, which could put the child at risk.

The rights of parents are always considered first in these proceedings. However, there are ways for grandparents, stepparents, or other family members, such as aunts and uncles or stepbrothers and sisters, to be included as part of these arrangements. You can trust our Gwinnett County visitation attorneys to advocate on your behalf, so that you can get the best possible outcome in your case.

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