Motorcycle Accidents

Our experienced Norcross motorcycle accident attorneys work hard to protect you after a crash.

Statistics show that the occurrence of motorcycle accidents may be declining some, but they still regularly result in catastrophic and sometimes deadly injuries. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, you need the assistance of an experienced Norcross motorcycle accident attorney.

At Zimmerman & Associates, we have over four decades of experience helping Gwinnett County residents. Our team of attorneys has the skills and knowledge to help provide you with the legal advice you need in order to help you receive the compensation you deserve. The at-fault party has a legal obligation to make things right and pay for the injuries and damages he or she caused.

Common Injuries in a Norcross Motorcycle Accident

It is not uncommon to see motorcycle accident victims sustain severe or permanent injuries. Even some of the most experienced motorcycle riders can be injured due to another motorist’s negligence. Some of the more common injuries we see with motorcycle accidents include:

Compensation Available in a Georgia Motorcycle Accident

The compensation available to victims in a Georgia motorcycle accident is similar to other personal injury claims. They fall into several main categories:

Reasons to Hire a Norcross Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Pursuing a motorcycle accident claim in Georgia can be complex, especially as a lot of people still have a bias against motorcycle riders. The other party’s insurance company will look to deny liability or offer less than your claim is worth. Their job is to reduce their exposure, which means they are definitely not looking out for your best interests. You deserve a Norcross motorcycle accident attorney who will protect your rights.

If you need assistance getting fair compensation for your recent motorcycle accident, contact Zimmerman & Associates today to schedule a free consultation.