Why Does Credit Card Fraud Happen So Often?

Credit card fraud, which means using a credit card without the card holder's consent, is common because it is hard to detect with online transactions. If you are facing criminal charges for credit card fraud, you need a financial crimes defense lawyer.

You have probably received text messages from your bank or credit card company asking you to verify that you are the one who made a recent purchase with your debit or credit card. These notifications usually come in response to transactions that are out of character for you, such as if you normally only use your debit card at supermarkets and gas stations, but one day you make a large purchase at a jewelry store, or if you pay for a meal at a restaurant in a city that you are visiting for the first time. Banks and credit card companies are able to stop some fraudulent transactions this way, but often, fraudulent transactions go undetected until the victim has lost large amounts of money, and it then takes a lot of time and effort for the victim and the financial institution to straighten things out. Meanwhile, if you are the one being accused of financial transaction card fraud, contact the Atlanta white collar crimes defense attorneys at Zimmerman & Associates.

What is Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud is any credit card transaction made without the consent of the card holder; financial transaction card fraud includes both credit card fraud and debit card fraud. The following are examples of financial transaction card fraud:

The Pandemic Has Only Increased the Prevalence of Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud was already common before the pandemic; it caused billions of dollars in financial losses each year. One third of the world’s credit card fraud takes place in the United States. The pandemic accelerated the pivot toward online shopping, and except where business websites have airtight cybersecurity, online transactions are vulnerable to data breaches and the theft of credit card information. Some businesses that have continued to operate in person implemented point of sale payment devices to minimize contact between vendors and customers. Unfortunately, these devices are also vulnerable to attacks and credit card information being stolen from them.

How Can the Attorneys at Zimmerman & Associates Help You When You Have Been Charged with Credit Card Fraud?

The maximum penalty for a credit card fraud conviction is three years in prison, but a criminal defense lawyer can help you fight the charges. You may be able to argue that the cardholder did consent to the transaction, or that you were not the one who made the transaction.

Contact Zimmerman & Associates About Credit Card Fraud Defense

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