What Should I Do if I am a Witness to a Crime?

To protect yourself against threats or having criminal charges filed against you, contact our Gwinnett County criminal defense attorney right away if you are a witness to a crime. 

Being a witness to a crime in Georgia is a serious matter. Cooperating with a police investigation and testifying at trial could put your safety at risk. Not doing so may cause the alleged-suspect to go free, giving them the freedom to commit the crime again. It could also cause you to face allegations of contempt or other criminal charges. To protect yourself in this situation, get our Gwinnett County criminal defense attorneys on your side.

Why Do I Need A Criminal Defense Attorney if I Was Just a Witness to a Crime?

If you witnessed a crime in Georgia, it puts you in a predicament. You may want to help the police but have concerns about your personal safety and the impact on your life in the aftermath. This is a valid fear and one of the main reasons why you need an experienced criminal attorney on your side.

Having an attorney represent you helps to protect you against negative impacts. Under the Georgia Criminal Code (Ga. Code § 16-10-94), if an alleged criminal, their attorney, or other associates attempts to influence or intimidate you, it is considered tampering with evidence. This includes: 

What if I Refuse to Testify? 

A witness may be someone who saw a crime occur. It may also be someone who was once involved in criminal activity and has since decided to cooperate with the police. After first making contact with law enforcement, a witness may change their mind, particularly when asked to make statements at the police station or before a judge in Gwinnett County Criminal Court proceedings. What happens if you refuse?

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Being a witness to a crime is a difficult situation. At Zimmerman & Associates, we help to ensure your rights and safety are protected. To discuss your case, call or contact our Gwinnett County criminal defense attorneys online and request a free confidential consultation today.