What is Parental Alienation?

In child custody cases, it is not uncommon for one parent to take actions designed to alienate the child from the other parent.

Child custody cases are among the most controversial and hotly contested cases in the Georgia Courts. While the law encourages both parents to remain active and engaged in their child’s life and to cooperate with each other in implementing parenting plans, it is not uncommon for one to attempt to turn the child against the other. In this situation, our Gwinnett County child custody attorneys can take the swift legal actions needed to protect your rights as a parent and your relationship with your child.

Parental Alienation in Georgia Child Custody Cases

Parental alienation is a term used to describe situations in which one parent attempts to turn their child against the other or otherwise takes actions designed to rob them of their rights or their parental authority. It is unfortunately common in situations involving parents who live separate and apart while sharing custody through child time sharing arrangements. In addition to putting a general strain on your relationship with your child, it can have serious impacts on their emotional development.

According to Healthline, parental alienation syndrome is a disorder recognized by both the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Medical Association (AMA). It generally occurs as a result of programming, in which one parent habitually bad-mouths the other, blames them for the failure of their relationship, or otherwise aims to undermine their closeness to the child. Symptoms to be alert for include:

Protecting Your Child from Parental Alienation

Under the Georgia Code, child custody and time sharing arrangements aim to foster a close and loving bond between the child and each parent. While children can adapt to being raised by one parent, when it results from parental alienation there is often a heavy cost. It can cloud the child’s general outlook on life and negatively influence their future relationships.

Parental alienation is not in any way condoned by the courts. In fact, providing evidence that the other parent is engaging in this type of behavior could result in a restriction or loss of their parenting privileges. If you suspect it is a problem, you need to take action immediately. Contact our Gwinnett County child custody attorneys to discuss requesting an emergency modification of your parenting plan. 

Our Gwinnett County Child Custody Attorneys are Here to Help You

At Zimmerman & Associates, we understand how important it is to have a good relationship with your child. When the other parent takes actions to alienate them from you, we provide the trusted legal help you need. Call or contact our Norcross child custody attorneys online to request a consultation today.