What Happens to Students Who are Arrested for Possession of Prescription Drugs?

Possession of prescription drugs carries serious penalties for students. To protect your rights, get our Atlanta juvenile criminal defense attorneys on your side.

Juvenile crimes in Atlanta are no minor matter. They can carry serious penalties, particularly when they involve students and happen on school property. Being in possession of prescription drugs could result in serious charges and have the potential to impact the rest of their lives. To prevent a conviction, get our Atlanta juvenile criminal defense attorneys on your side.

Prescription Drug Abuse Among Young People

Prescription drug abuse is rampant in our country and, sadly, young people are not immune. According to Kids Health, 1 out of every 7 teens admit to taking a prescription drug that was not prescribed to them. Among the most popular prescription drugs among teens include:

For young people, prescription drugs are often either stolen from their parents or purchased by their peers. In cases involving ADHD meds, students may even sell or trade their own prescriptions. In either case, if they are caught in possession of unauthorized prescription drugs on school property, they could end up facing potentially severe penalties.

Penalties for Juvenile Possession of Prescription Drugs on School Property

Drug schedules in Georgia classify prescription medications, along with “street” drugs such as marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. Listed under the Georgia Code, prescription drugs generally fall into the Schedule II and III categories. For adults, unlawful possession could result in felony criminal charges and a potentially lengthy prison sentence. However, the courts tend not to take as heavy a hand when dealing with juvenile offenders.

Often, a young person’s actions can be attributed to a momentary lapse in judgment or hanging out with the wrong crowd. This is often the case when dealing with drug crimes, such as unauthorized possession of prescription drugs. However, the situation becomes much more serious when an alleged crime occurs on school grounds.

Committing any type of crime, including possession of prescription drugs, at or even near a school can result in sentencing enhancements. This means that penalties are over and above what they would be if the crime occurred in another place. Common penalties associated with juvenile possession of prescription drugs on school grounds in Atlanta include:

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