What Factors can Help or Hurt Spousal Support?

Uncover the factors that could influence whether you are entitled to spousal support in Gwinnett County.

In the aftermath of a divorce, spousal support often plays an important role in the recovery process. Otherwise known as alimony in Georgia, it can help maintain your financial security and the standard of living you enjoyed during your marriage. It can also help you get back on your feet and allow you time to acquire the job skills or experience needed to support yourself. The following are some of the factors that could help or hurt your odds of getting spousal support in your divorce case.

Are You Entitled to Spousal Support?

Spousal support is generally referred to as alimony under the Georgia Statutes. Under Section 19-6-1, you may be entitled to alimony both during the divorce process and once a final order has been issued in your case. In determining whether spousal support should be awarded, factors a judge are likely to consider include:

Spousal support may be awarded on a temporary, rehabilitative basis, to help you acquire the education or practical skills needed to re-enter the workforce. It may also be ordered on a more long-term basis, particularly in cases where your spouse makes considerably more than you.

Factors That can Influence Your Rights to Spousal Support

You can request spousal support when filing your divorce petition in the Gwinnett County Courts. There are several factors that could either help or hurt your case, which include:

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