What are the Grounds for Divorce in Georgia?

The end of a marriage is never easy. However, it is one thing when spouses simply grow apart over the years and decide to separate, as opposed to when one of them is engaged in hurtful or potentially dangerous conduct. There are numerous fault grounds in Georgia under which you may file for a divorce, all of which can have a significant impact on the ensuing proceedings.

Fault Grounds in Georgia Divorce Cases

In some states, the only requirement to getting a divorce is that your marriage failed based on irreconcilable differences between you and your spouse. This is a valid reason for getting a divorce in our area, as well, but the Georgia Code also allows you to file on the basis of 12 other fault grounds, which outline different types of marital issues or misconduct that may have existed in your marriage. These include:

The Impact of Fault Grounds on Your Divorce

While disclosing private and often painful fault grounds in your marriage is unpleasant, these issues are something that should be immediately discussed with your divorce attorney. When filing for a divorce in the Gwinnett County Courts, any fault grounds that exist need to be listed in your divorce petition. In addition to forming the basis for your divorce, they can also have a major impact on the following divorce related proceedings:

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