Steps to Take After a Credit Card Fraud Charge in Atlanta

If someone makes a fraudulent charge on your credit card, you should file a police report and notify the credit card company and the credit reporting agencies; if you are being accused of making fraudulent credit card transactions, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

We have all seen the credit card fraud alerts on our phones. Credit card companies get suspicious every time someone makes an out of character purchase; most of the time, it is just a matter of reassuring your credit card company that you are traveling or that you decided to splurge. Sometimes, though, people are able to make multiple fraudulent transactions on someone else’s credit card before they get caught. Credit card fraud is a crime under Georgia law, with a maximum penalty of three years in prison. If you are being accused of credit card fraud or another financial crime, contact a Norcross white collar crimes lawyer.

What to Do if Someone Makes Fraudulent Transactions on Your Credit Card

If you see a transaction on your credit card statement that you did not make, speak up immediately. Notify the credit card company that you did not make the charge; start the process of disputing the charge, so that the credit card company will refund you the money as quickly as possible. (Likewise, if the fraudulent charge is connected to your debit card or bank account, contact the bank.) You should also file a police report so that the police can begin investigating the credit card fraud. Additionally, you should notify the credit reporting agencies so that the fraudulent charges do not adversely affect your credit score while the dispute of the charges is pending.

If You Get Accused of Credit Card Fraud

If you get accused of credit card fraud, or any other crime, you have many legal rights. For example, you cannot be punished for the crime unless and until you plead guilty, or a jury finds you guilty at trial. You have the right to have a criminal defense lawyer represent you at every stage of your case. You have the right to remain silent and not to answer questions by law enforcement or to have your lawyer present during questioning. You also have the right to a fair trial. If evidence against you was obtained in violation of your rights, your lawyer can stop prosecutors from presenting that evidence at your trial and may even be able to get the criminal charges against you dropped. Even if you get convicted, you have the right not to receive an excessively harsh sentence, and you have the right to appeal your conviction or your sentence.

If you get arrested on suspicion of credit card fraud, or any other financial crime, it is not too soon to contact a lawyer.

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