Six Important Steps to Getting a Divorce

Going through a divorce can impact you now and in the years to come, which is why you need to take certain steps to protect yourself.

Contemplating the end of your marriage is a stressful and emotional time. Even in the most amicable of situations, it represents a significant loss. It also involves major changes that could impact you now and in the years to come. To protect yourself during this time, our Gwinnett County divorce attorneys offer the following six steps to follow.

Six Ways to Protect Your Rights When Getting a Divorce in Georgia

Under Georgia divorce laws there are important matters that must be resolved as part of your divorce proceedings. These have the potential to significantly impact your well-being and financial security, influencing how quickly you recover from your divorce. The following six steps can help ensure you are prepared and protected during this process:

  • Gather important documents. In filing a divorce petition, you will need to provide important information about yourself, your spouse, and any children of the marriage. Gather recent pay stubs for you and your spouse, social security numbers, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and deeds to any property you possess.
  • Make an inventory of property and assets. Division of property and assets plays a major role in your divorce. To ensure you get your fair share in these proceedings, make a thorough inventory of all property earned, acquired, or accumulated since you got married. This include homes, cars, furnishings, and other items. Also include financial accounts, including any retirement benefits belonging to you or your spouse, obtaining recent statements that show the current value of each.
  • Gather tax documents. It is not uncommon for one spouse to attempt to hide assets from the other. Reviewing tax documents can help identify any hidden income you may not be aware of. In addition, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has strict rules regarding how taxes are handled between divorced and separated couples, so you will want to be prepared.
  • Create a budget. Consider how you will support yourself after you divorce is finalized by creating a budget that factors in your income and your expenses. If you relied on your spouse’s income during your marriage or gave up your own career to provide for your children, you may be entitled to spousal support.
  • Make plans for children. If you and your spouse do have children together, consider how custody will be divided. Courts are often in favor of joint parenting arrangements, provided it is in the child’s best interests.
  • Talk to an experienced divorce attorney. Divorce can be a complex and confusing process. Without an attorney, it could end up costing you both time and money in the long run.
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