Importance of Police Reports in an Accident

When a car crash or any other type of accident occurs, police reports play an important role in filing a claim.

Car accidents and crashes involving bicyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, or other road users are unexpected and traumatic events. You are likely to be stunned or even in a state of shock in the aftermath. However, there is important information that needs to be collected at this time, which could prove crucial when filing a claim. Whenever any type of accident or other mishap occurs that leaves you suffering potentially serious injuries, notify the authorities so that a police report can be filed to protect your rights to compensation. 

Why do I Need a Police Accident Report?

When car accidents, slips and falls, or other types of personal injuries occur, it is generally due to the reckless and negligent actions of one of the parties involved. Under Section 51 of the Georgia Code, the injured party is entitled to seek compensation for the medical costs, lost wages, and any other losses they suffered as a result, through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. In order to file this claim, you need the following information:

As accident victims are often shaken and in pain due to their injuries, calling the police so that an accident report can be filed ensures this information is collected.

In any type of accident case, these reports are important. In car crashes and collisions involving other road users, notifying law enforcement is required by law. Georgia Traffic Codes require that the police be notified when injuries or property damages of more than $500 occur. Failure to call law enforcement so that an accident report can be filed not only jeopardizes your rights — it could result in criminal charges.

How a Police Report can Help Your Case

In order to get the compensation you need to recover in the aftermath of a car crash or other type of accident, you will need to provide evidence that shows how the other party’s actions caused the accident. The Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) details information that officers are required to include as part of their accident reports. In addition to those involved and details about the scene, these reports will also say who the officer suspected was at fault.

In the case of a car accident, the presence of skid marks on the road, the force of impact in the crash, or the smell of alcohol on one of the drivers can lead an officer to assign blame. Their notes and comments can end up providing important evidence in your case.

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