How Long Do I Have to Pay Alimony in GA?

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In addition to the stress of going through a divorce in Georgia and the impact it has on your family, orders issued in these proceedings can jeopardize your financial security for years afterward. This is particularly true in cases where a judge orders alimony. Find out how these amounts are awarded and how long you will be expected to make payments.

Alimony Payments in Gwinnett County

When filing for a divorce through the Gwinnett County Courts, there are certain matters which must be resolved before a final divorce order can be issued. These generally pertain to money, property, and rights regarding any children of the marriage. Depending on various factors in your case, determinations regarding alimony or spousal support payments to your spouse will also need to be made.

You may be required to begin making alimony payments before your divorce case is even resolved. Temporary spousal support and maintenance orders are common and may end up being included as part of your final divorce settlement. Factors a judge will consider in making these orders include:

Stopping Alimony Payments

Laws pertaining to alimony payments are found under Section 19, Title 6, Article 1 of the Georgia Code. However, the judge in your case will determine the exact amount and the duration of time in which it should be paid. This is generally based both on your spouse’s needs and the length of your marriage. If you have a pre- or post-nuptial agreement in place, this may limit alimony or the length of time it should be paid.

Alimony generally stops once your spouse remarries. Other circumstances that may warrant either stopping alimony payments or reducing the amount owed include:

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