How is the Virus Outbreak Affecting Domestic Abuse Victims?

Our Norcross family law attorneys are here to protect victims of domestic violence, who are at increased risk during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Stay-at-home orders and business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic have left many people feeling fearful and frustrated. For some, the risk of infection is not the only danger they face. Domestic violence rates have surged during the pandemic, and the situation leaves victims with little options in terms of seeking protection. As experienced Norcross family law attorneys, we provide the trusted legal guidance you need in this situation.

Domestic Violence Increases During Coronavirus Pandemic

Domestic violence can involve hitting, punching, pushing, and other types of physical battery. It can also involve sexual abuse, threats, acts of intimidation, and stalking. Abusers are typically motivated by their desire for power and to control the victim or the situation they are in. Impacts resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, such as school and business closures, have many people feeling a definite loss of control. Add to this situation, social distancing measures, along with state stay-at-home orders, and it is easy to see how this could create safety issues for those at risk for domestic abuse.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), there have been dramatic increases in reports of domestic violence during the coronavirus pandemic. Even if your spouse or partner was never previously abusive, their increased anger and frustration during this time could end up being directed at you. For those with a history of domestic violence or other types of aggressive behavior, the risk of dangerous altercations is now more severe.

Protecting Yourself During the Pandemic

For victims of domestic violence, the coronavirus pandemic makes it harder to reach out and find support or get the practical help that is often needed to leave an abuser. Fortunately, there are still legal options available.

While many types of cases typically handled through the Gwinnett County Superior Court are postponed and delayed, victims of domestic violence may still request emergency hearings seeking a restraining order against spouses, or live-in partners who engage in abusive behavior. Our Norcross family law attorneys can guide you in filing a petition. A domestic violence restraining order can provide victims with the following protections:

Our Norcross Family Law Attorneys are Here to Help You

At Zimmerman & Associates, we help victims of domestic violence get the legal protection they need. If you are in this type of situation, reach out and call or contact our Gwinnett County family law attorneys online to request a confidential consultation today.