Did You Get a DUI in Georgia But Live in Another State?

If You Have an Out-of-State DUI, Working with a Local Attorney Can Be Invaluable

Being charged with a DUI is almost always an upsetting and stressful experience and may result in serious legal consequences. What can make things more complicated and overwhelming, though, is getting an out-of-state DUI. If you have been charged with a driving under the influence charge in Georgia but reside in another state, you may have questions about the process, how it affects your record, and what your obligations regarding the charge will be. Working with an experienced and local DUI attorney can prove critical. In the meantime, here is a brief overview of what you should know.

Suspension of Driving Privileges

Following a DUI arrest and charge, a driver is given 30 days from the date of the charge to fight an automatic license suspension, referred to as an ALS. The request for an ALS hearing must be made within 30 days, which is one pressing reason why working with a local attorney is critical. If the request is not made, the suspension will go into effect.

While the license suspension applies to the state of Georgia--and therefore you will be barred from driving within Georgia state lines--the suspension could also have an effect on driving privileges within your home state. While Georgia is not a member of the Interstate Driver License Compact (IDLC), the information may be shared with your home state, which may choose to suspend your license.

Do I Need to Come to Georgia for Court?

An out-of-state DUI can be expensive in large part because the court may expect you to show up for scheduled court appearances, which means hundreds of dollars spent on travel and lodging costs. In some cases, the court may allow for your local attorney to appear on your behalf, which is yet another reason that hiring an attorney should be one of the first things that you do.

Repercussions in Your Home State

As stated above, your home state may take action against you if you face consequences for committing a DUI in Georgia. In some cases, your home state may treat the DUI as a conviction and penalize you based on your state’s laws without access to any diversion programs or other benefits.

Working with an Attorney

In Georgia, there are both administrative and criminal penalties associated with driving under the influence. When you are charged with a DUI in our state but live in another, hiring an attorney experienced practiced in Georgia DUI law is strongly encouraged. Your attorney can help to navigate both the administrative and criminal process and protect your best interests. Remember that just because you are from another state does not mean that the outcome of a Georgia court decision will not have a strong effect on your ability to drive, whether or not you have to pay large fines, the suspension of your license, going to jail, and more.

To schedule a consultation with the Georgia DUI attorneys at the office of Zimmerman & Associates, please call our law firm today or send us a message. We know the stress that you are dealing with and want to do everything we can to protect your rights.