Atlanta Police Chief Announces No More Police Chases

To avoid liability and risk to the public, police chief Erika Shields has announced the end of police chases.

Atlanta has a crime problem, and police chief Erika Shields thinks she has the answer. She has decided that her police department will no longer be chasing criminals when they use a vehicle to flee from the police. Her reasoning is that police chases put the general public at risk. In addition to that, when criminals are caught, Shields argues that they are likely to reoffend, so capturing them is not worth the danger police chases pose to the public. Many have argued that this decision will increase crime in Atlanta, and the police chief herself does not disagree with that fact. However, it is a form of social justice that is taking hold across the country.

The New Rule in Georgia

When making her announcement, Erika Shields stated that the criminal justice system in Atlanta is broken. People are caught after a police chase, convicted and placed in jail, only to be released and reoffend. Shields stated that during a police chase, the individual who committed a crime could become hurt or hurt others. In the worst cases, someone could be killed as a result of a police chase.

According to Shields, placing so many people at risk just to catch a criminal who will soon be out on the streets is not worth the risk. Additionally, she wants to protect her police department from any liability that may arise in case a police chase causes an accident. While her announcement was met with some shock, it is a form of social justice that many other states have already enacted.

Social Justice Around the Country

Law enforcement departments across the country are enacting more and more social justice measures every year. In California, Proposition 47 relaxed the laws surrounding retail theft that involved goods less than $950 in value. New York is allowing individuals arrested for a crime to be released of their own recognizance without requiring bail or jail time. This is only applicable to non-violent offenses, but robbery, assault, and even manslaughter are included in the law.

Many people believe that social justice measures such as these will increase crime, while others praise the strategy as being an important part of criminal justice reform. It may also mean that fewer innocent people are convicted of a crime due to the fact that Atlanta police officers can no longer pull over the wrong person.

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