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Zimmerman & Associates can assist you with any personal injury claim, from a minor auto accident to the most egregious wrongful death case.  Personal injury claims can include physical injury, emotional injury, and/or damage to personal property.  We understand that you may be suffering right now, and we will support your choice to receive the medical treatment you need.  We are prepared to fully document and present your personal injury case.

The laws covering personal injury allow an injured party to receive compensation for damages caused by another person's carelessness, negligence, recklessness, willfulness, or other intentional actions.  Personal injury law is also called "tort" law.  The States and the Federal government have enacted tort laws for the protection of your rights.  Tort actions have three elements: 1) there must be a legal duty between the defendant (the one doing the wrong) and the plaintiff (the person injured); 2) there must be a breach of that duty; and 3) damage must occur because of that breach.  When all three elements take place, a personal injury, or tort, has occurred.

Once a personal injury has occurred, the defendant has an obligation to make good the damage done. "Damages" is the term for what is owed to you to compensate you for your loss.  Damages can be agreed upon by you and the injuring party, through insurance settlements, or by other means.  Personal injury law is the mechanism for determining who is in the wrong, or in other words, who is "liable", and what the liable person should have to pay for the damage caused.  Most personal injury cases are covered by a statute of limitations, which means that you only have a certain period of time in which you can file a lawsuit.

Here is an example of how we have assisted our clients in a car accident...

Our clients were an elderly married couple involved in a head on collision.  The insurance company was stubborn in making payments for needed medical expenses, and pain and suffering.  The insurance company's unwillingness to pay medical expenses was especially bad because our clients had several broken ribs, and severe muscle bruising.  We, however, successfully obtained six-figure settlements for each of our clients, without the time or expense of filing a lawsuit.

Read on for yet another example - this time a nursing home case... .

The Plaintiff, an elderly woman, ultimately died from the injuries she sustained when she fell from a nursing home hospital bed.  Despite specific orders to keep her bed railings raised, the nursing home failed to take this simple precaution.  We obtained for our client, the Plaintiff's estate, a six-figure settlement, without having to proceed to trial.

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The case summaries on this site are actual summaries of cases Zimmerman & Associates has successfully handled. In order to maintain the confidentiality of our clients, all references to identifying information has been omitted.  Furthermore, these outcomes, while real, cannot be relied upon as either typical or guaranteed outcomes.