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In matters like assault and battery, criminal courts punish defendants, and civil courts compensate victims.

Usually, civil matters, like personal injury, are separate and distinct from criminal matters, such as drug possession. However, in many cases, civil and criminal matters overlap. They overlap because criminal and civil courts serve separate and distinct purposes. Criminal law, which deals with criminal wrongs that are punishable by the state, can be contrasted with civil crimes, otherwise known as torts, which is an act or omission that causes legally cognizable harm to persons or property. Tort law, in turn, is the body of rules concerned with remedying harms caused by a person's wrongful or injurious actions.

At Zimmerman & Associates, our team of civil crimes lawyers in Georgia routinely stands up for your legal and financial rights in both forums. In criminal court, we vigorously defend individuals who, under the law, are presumed innocent until proven guilty. In civil court, we fight for the compensation victims and their families need and deserve. We use the same basic approach in both forums. Our team diligently collects evidence, thoroughly researches the law, and aggressively stands up for you.

Burden of Proof

Mostly because the purpose of criminal and civil courts is different, as mentioned above, the burden of proof is different in criminal and civil courts as well.

Many people are familiar with the O.J. Simpson murder saga in the late 1990s. After a lengthy and sensational trial, a criminal jury acquitted Simpson of double murder charges. Less than a year later, a civil jury heard basically the same evidence and came to the opposite conclusion.

These two cases illustrate the different burdens of proof. State prosecutors must establish guilt beyond all reasonable doubt in criminal court. Civil crimes lawyers must only establish liability (legal responsibility) by a preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not) in civil court.

Quite simply, prosecutors did not have enough evidence, or at least enough credible evidence, to convict Simpson, at least in the eyes of the jury. However, that evidence was more than enough to convince a civil jury that Simpson was legally responsible for those alleged acts.

Examples of Civil Crimes (Torts) in Georgia

Criminal defendants, if found guilty, receive punishment. Injury victims, if they prove their cases, receive compensation. The role of defendant and victim may overlap in cases like:

A victim is in complete control of a civil case. In most cases, the victim decides if and when to bring a case and if and when to settle it. But a crime victim is a material witness in criminal court. Witnesses cannot “drop” criminal charges and, in fact, have almost no control over the process.

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