What is the Difference Between an NDA and a Non-Compete?

A non-disclosure agreement prohibits you from revealing confidential information about your work during or after your term of employment, whereas a non-compete agreement places restrictions on the employment you may seek in the first year or two after your current job ends.

Financial uncertainty aside, quitting your job brings a sense of relief because your boss can no longer boss you around. If your employer is especially meddlesome, even corporate layoffs can be a relief if they mean no more waking up to urgent work emails and no phone calls from irate supervisors during your drive home. The trouble is that there are some situations where your employer can continue to tell you what to do, or more specifically, what not to do, after your employment ends. These restrictions will never take you by surprise because you must agree to them in writing for them to go into effect. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and non-compete agreements are common in the business world, but that does not mean that they are always legally enforceable or that they are always fair to both parties. The Norcross, Georgia, corporate law attorneys at Zimmerman & Associates can answer your questions about NDAs and non-compete agreements.

Agreements That Limit the Activities of Former Employees

Civil law allows individuals and businesses to agree to almost anything, as long as the provisions of the agreement do not require the parties to break the law (so you cannot sign a lease agreement for your neighbor’s meth lab) and do not put one party at such a financial disadvantage as to be unconscionable (so you cannot sign an agreement that your neighbor must pay you 90 percent of his income as protection money). Below are a few types of agreements that govern current business relationships and those that have recently been dissolved:

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