Top Three Crimes Involved in Civil Cases

Hit-and-run wrecks, assaults, and DUIs are the most common civil-criminal crossover cases.

Sometimes, civil and criminal matters are separate and distinct. Other times, civil and criminal matters are like John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The Beatles would not have existed without both. Likewise, many victims cannot get complete justice in civil or criminal court. They must seek redress in both forums.

Criminal and civil courts are separate and distinct in most ways, but they have some things in common. For example, criminal defendants and injury victims both need a Norcross civil crimes lawyer. Attorneys obtain maximum compensation for victims and effectively defend the rights of criminal defendants.

Assault and Battery

Family violence assaults usually affect current and/or future family law matters. Other kinds of assaults often involve civil matters.

Domestic violence is usually a key factor in divorce, child custody, and other such family law proceedings, especially if a child was the victim or witnessed the incident. Many attorneys successfully transform such an incident into the tentpole of a successful claim. On the other side, attorneys must successfully fight the charges or, as a fallback, seal the conviction record.

Domestic assault criminal cases usually also involve protective order proceedings. These proceedings often begin in criminal court and end in civil court.

Police officers are much more likely to take action if a violation of a court order (protective order) is involved. Otherwise, they must listen to a she-said, he-said debate. A Norcross civil crimes lawyer for defendants usually negotiates an out-of-court settlement that protects the alleged victim and avoids the “protective order” legal label.


Driving under the influence or another alcohol-related driving offense could involve, and usually does involve, several civil matters:

Personal injury/DUI matters often feature third-party liability claims. Restaurants, bars, and other commercial providers could be vicariously liable for damages in these cases.

Hit-and-Run Accidents

These incidents highlight the different burdens of proof in criminal and civil matters (beyond a reasonable doubt and preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not)).

Usually, criminal prosecutors must produce a credible witness who had a good look at the defendant behind the wheel of the vehicle at, or near, the time of the wreck. Such evidence is very rare, which is one reason, so few hit-and-run drivers are prosecuted in criminal court.

However, in civil court, an attorney must only identify the vehicle’s owner, usually through a partial plate number. It’s more likely than not that the owner was operating the vehicle at any given time.

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