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Corporate law (or business law) encompasses a wide variety of legal issues, from business formation to dissolution, and everything that can happen in between.  Zimmerman & Associates assists "mom and pop shops", as well as larger corporate clients.  Whether it is a non-competition agreement, merger and acquisition, or business litigation, we distinguish ourselves from other law firms in our boutique approach to client attention and communication.  We understand that your desired outcome is to move forward with your business, unencumbered by legal issues.  As such, we strive to address legal issues quickly and effectively to get you on your way.

In the corporate world, too, the Zimmerman firm takes big win...

Our client was a large corporation with over 1,000 employees.  Our claims stemmed from breach of contract, corporate fraud, and other equitable common-law remedies.  This matter also put our firm of the cutting edge of litigation regarding a relatively new statute in Georgia that governs the payment of commissions to sales representatives.  We successfully procured a six-figure judgment for our client.

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